NAT Chat is Northern Access Television's general intrest interview program covering subjects of wide community interest from Melbourne and beyond. It is on air again after a hiatus of several years, at 2pm on Thursdays

Northern Access Television Association Inc. (NAT) is a community based non-profit television production group founded in 1990, and is a full member of the Melbourne Community Television Consortium ("MCTC"), which holds the licence for Channel 31. The group produces a wide variety of content for broadcast, and we need the support of the community to continue our production activities and to have continued access to airtime on C31 Melbourne. We rely on the support of our volunteer members and the general public to keep producing programs for the Melbourne community, as we receive no regular sources of funding for our production activities.

Melbourne Community Groups:-

If you require assistance with getting your message accross, feel free to contact us at Northern Access Television. We can provide interviews on our NAT Chat program and/or Community Service Annoucements during breaks on C31 Melbourne. We are happy to help :)

NAT needs your support

Help Save Community TV

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Because of the governments decision to deny Community Television the spectrum to broadcast on after December 2015 the ability for people to see our programs is seriously in danger. Please click on Commit to Community TV and sign up to show your support, and also consider sending a letter to the minister in support of Community TV (details are on the Commit to Community TV site).

Also, if you like our programs please consider supporting us by emailing any of your friends who you think might beinterested in our programs with the address of our site. We are also on the look out for sponsors, both for this site and for each of our programs, especially Nat Chat, to enable us to continue to do what we do, so if you know anyone who may be able to sponsor us please consider mentioning us to them.

NAT on YouTube

Northern Access Television has a YouTube channel which features videos from the group and links to our member's YouTube channels. Currently, the channel features our current series of production logos and some special footage from our Test Transmissions in the early 1990s. NAT Chat, Visions, Spirit Of Life, Red Lobster and Inline Plus have their own channels on YouTube with highlights from the shows.


Our Objectives

NAT represents the northern suburbs community at MCTC, and is the only association with this purpose. NAT 's objectives are:
  1. To provide public access to television transmission;
  2. To produce programs by, for and about the people of the northern suburbs community; and
  3. To focus upon issues of local, social, artistic and cultural relevance.

NAT has been actively involved with community television since its inception in Melbourne, first by conducting test transmissions in the Northern Suburbs, and then moving on to producing programs for C31 Melbourne when it commenced in 1994.

NAT relies on volunteers to run the association, to produce programs and to fulfil its obligations to MCTC. Funds are raised from membership fees, donations and sponsorships. The generosity of our members have helped us maintain our high standard of productions. In this Digital Age , your support, whether financial such as donations, sponsorships or as a productive member of NAT, will ensure our future within this wide & interesting world of television broadcasting.