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This is the WEB page of Visions on Channel 31, Community Television in Melbourne, Australia.

The program is on air on Channel 31 Melbourne at 11pm every Monday evening, with a repeat Tuesday 12 noon.

*** This site last updated 28/12/2007 ***

Please note this site currently contains only a limited selection of the programs past episodes and is not currently being regularly updated with new episodes.

Sponsorship Urgently Required:

In order to ensure the continued production of our program we need to find sponsors.

If you can help, please get in touch with us. You can call Judy Magassy, Executive Producer on 0415 390 874, or contact her via Email at:

About our Program:

Visions is a general interest interview program.


For information about specific programs see our episodes page.

If you like our program, please consider emailing your friends who might be interested in seeing the program, particularly if they are overseas, as we would like to try to spread the word about our web site more widely.

Any feedback about the program and the web site is welcome as well, - Email Judy on

For more information about Melbourne's Channel 31 you can go to the stations Web Site at

For information about our production group, Northern Access Television, go to

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